Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"You're a carebear!" ... "No, you're a carebear!"

Perusing different blog rolls I came across a post at Planet Risk.  The title intrigued me and made me look inwardly at my pod-gue-covered self.  If you are too lazy to click the link, the title was "Deep down we are all still carebears".

Back in my first days of New Eden I was definately a bear that cared.  Mining....missioning... good times!  A lot of people cringe at the thought.  If they were monkeys they would throw their poop at you for mentioning mining.  I have since evolved into a dweller of Low Sec(x).  Some people can pull off living without having to mine or mission but many of us have to cling to our carebear roots.

My main goal in the black is to PvP.  If I could live purely off of this lifestyle I would.  The adrenaline is like nothing else (eat your heart out WoW arena!).  I have a mission alt who will also be training to become a better trader and possibly get in on some Planetary Interaction.  As much as I could say "low sec for life!", I could not abandon doing carebear activities.  Alright...I could never mine again in my life and be completely happy. 

I am finding that downtime for my new crew is spent doing level 5's.  Oh noes, missions!  Carebear antics are everywhere in New Eden no matter what hardcore hatebears say.

The title really touches almost every player in New Eden.  I guess it really depends on your definition of 'carebear'.  It would be interesting to know if all non-pvp related income streams are classified as being a 'carebear'.