Thursday, April 29, 2010

Non-Gamer Hatin'

Why do non-gamers not (or try to) understand our gaming time?  I liken our playtime to a hobby.  I am pretty sure these people would not hate on someone that spends a lot of time fixing up a car, building furniture, being obsessed with lawn care (lol), making bead jewelry, watching every gah'damn reality show (/wave wife) on television, or just doing something that isn't a game but is still taking up time.

I have been thinking of this topic of non-gamer attitude toward games that you pay to play.  I would be interested in hearing other perspectives on this overall subject.

You pay to play a video game?
I think of my gaming as a hobby and thus this gives me the perspective that some hobbies cost money.  It seems video games get a bad rap partly because of the media but also people that don't play games don't understand the draw of them.  People who are part of a golf club pay to be a part of it to play their hobby.  Just because it is not on a computer doesn't make it different in the basic terms of paying for your entertainment.

There are things non-gamers do that I don't understand but I do not grief them over it.  For instance, people that tape every T.V. show known to man.  They get to a point where they are DVR'ing their max number of shows while also watching 2-3 that are on that night.  How is that different than myself playing several hours a night during the week?  Is it worse?

It's been hard to defend my hobby against others that are unwilling to understand my side of the argument because they put so little in to the value of my form of entertainment. 

What have you said in such debates to defend your side?