Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gettin' the Word Out

This pretty much sums up what I feel about getting added to several blog lists

Thanks to Mandrill at I am Keith Neilson and Black Claw at The Eve Online Bloggers Portal for adding me to their list.  Am in the process to get it added over at Crazy Kinux's site too. 

It's fun to think about new readers that might happen across my blog.  Although getting lots of readers is not the main goal of my blogging, it is fun to write for others who might enjoy what you are talking about.


Since this could mean new readers, I might as well do an introduction post as I have not quite done an official yet.

I am Nar Lee.  The narliest pod pilot this side of the Mississippi....Alright that was somewhat stupid...

I used to live in 0.0 with nothing going on but gate camps, 600 man fights, or POS bashing.  The latter is somewhat the thing that inspired my blogs name.  POS bashing sucks :(  I have also lived out of POS' and that sucks too :(  Thus, my double meaning title :)

I currently reside in low sec with Monolithic.  I am brand new with them and still under trial but things are going well.  I've had a ton of fun killing our neighbors.  I have played EvE since 2008 starting with a character who is now my mission alt.  I took a year off not long after starting and only about 6 months ago resubbed. 

I am not much for talking about myself so I'll probably end up telling more as I blog.

Until next time, peace!