Saturday, May 22, 2010


One of the first things I downloaded when I got my iTouch this past Christmas was Capsuleer.  I had never really been big on blogs until I got this App.

For those that do not know, Capsuleer is a program that holds the Blog Pack and also has a Skill tracker that will keep track of your skills in training.  It is an amazing app and really got me started on reading blogs.  Since I used it on an iTouch and not an iPhone, I had to remember to update it before I went to work because they don't allow things like the iTouch to connect to our wifi.  It was, and still is, something I do every day.  The skill tracker is amazing also and has definitely saved me when I forgot to update skills the night before and scramble in the morning to make sure skilling didn't stop.

I think this is a pipe dream and probably not even possible but... it would be awesome if somehow, something like EFT was integrated into the app.  It would probably make it way too huge but totally awesome :)