Sunday, May 2, 2010

WTB: Bait-Drake Awareness Skillbook

I was able to catch a gang last night who was just reshipping down into BC's from a BS roam.  I hop in my trusty old Harbinger and I set off with 7 others.  It was fairly quiet for awhile but we were heading into Caldari State space which was sure to get us a mini-blob.

Finally we have a CS Rupture land on us and so we did the usual, several jump while the others force them through.  He jumped almost immediately and I missed the kill-mail as I held on one side in-case he was able to burn back and jump.  I think this was the beginning of what would eventually be our demise.  In the meantime we pop a Myrmidon just before a CS Harpy idiotically red boxed our scout.  We warped in and made quick work of him while his friends get away.  No doubt they were getting more CS members as we continued our roam.

We were fishing with a Prophecy and the bait was working.  We catch two drakes and make quick work of them.  They were CS members who seem to have got caught in their rendezvous with their gang.  Bastards popped two of my drones :(

Since we were fishing with a bait ship you would think it was obvious that another bait ship would be obvious.  I am still somewhat new to the low sec way of life and it had not dawned on me yet.  I was low shields from the drakes as the gate guns liked to shoot me before we would get orders to jump gates.  The bait-drake lands in the middle of us and I am in auto-pilot mode; I slap a point on him.  As I am not in habit of constantly checking d-scanner while in combat, I fail to notice the 15 ships about to land on us.  The FC assumed too much of his crew (namely myself) and was not giving the basic orders or 'deagress' to those that were pummeling the drake (the two harby's of the group...myself included).  I was the first to point the drake and thus the first to get gate guns as well as the first primary.  Suffice it to say, I did not give myself time to deagress and jump.  Pop.

If anyone is selling the 'Bate-Drake Awareness' skill book I will gladly pay top isk for it.  Lesson learned.