Monday, May 17, 2010


Just a quick tidbit.  I feel like I missed out on a whole concept when I was in nullsec.  The whole idea of having a quick "Pounce" (I like to call it ninja) off of a gate.  For some reason in all my experience in nullsec, we never really utilized these.  It almost makes me feel like a complete nublet.

A 'ninja' or 'pounce' is when you have a bookmark over 1,000 km off of a gate.  It allows a gang to be off grid, in a fast response safe.  The main downside would be that you are on scan.  It lets your gang be safe while you assess the situation, set up a trap, or numerous other situational tactics.  It also enables you to have a close-by spot in which to warp off and back onto gate if need be (useful for ECM pilots).  It is especially useful when you have GCC or Global Criminal Countdown in which gate guns are ravaging you.

You could get in a fast mover and go to a gate and burn off over 1k from the gate.  This takes time and too much effort.  I like to make them on the go.  When I am in warp to a gate, I'll have my bookmark creator ready to go with a name for the bookmark.  Just above your hud with your cap/guns/etc. you'll see a distance counter.  I wait until it gets to around 20-30k and then I hit bookmark.  Usually there is a little lag so the bookmark will actually end up around 7-9k off the gate.  This is like a 5 second warp to the gate until you can activate modules/target someone.

Very useful to have around your roaming grounds.