Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I had somewhat of an epiphany last night.

I love PvP.  In order to pursure that love, I have to PvE.  It's like having a mistress who pays me to be with PvP but I would never want them to meet.

It made me think of my blogs title;  POS Life.  POS can mean two things in relation to Eve.  With a little imagination I think you can figure out both meanings. :)

The darkside, POS, is PvE - the curse!
The bright side, Life, is PvP - the immortality!

I don't think this is the only meaning that can be derived from POS Life, but recently this has been how I've felt about it.  I have done more PvE than PvP lately which has led me to be somewhat dry of things to write about of my own experience. 

Hopefully it's not a POS blog at the moment!  Rereading my epiphany, I seem like somewhat of a madman.  So there you have it kids, PvE rots your brain!