Thursday, May 20, 2010

Being a Wuss or Smart Decision?

A few of us were chattering on vent and decided to get a small gang together and play with the locals.  We started out with 4 Harbs and a Drake.  I guess the Drake pilot did not get the memo.  We were a little obvious in our choice of 'scout'/'bait' and the Drake is our looking for a fight.  Us harbs were sitting on a gate while the drake was fishing.  We didn't get much interest in the drake as he is completely obviously bait (we need to work on different lures!) and so we move into the system we were just baiting so the scout could move to the next promising one.  This area is usualy pretty active.  This was giving me the heeby jeeby's because we were sitting a LOT.  30 mins at a 350k spot off a gate's any choice of synonyms for 'retarded'.

We end up getting spotted by a larger alliance and are on their radar now.  We decide to start roaming so we don't get squashed in by a plan to counter our gang of about 8 BC's.  We jump a few systems and we manage to get a Hurricane on gate to engage us.  Unbeknownst to us, we had just ate some bate.  Several alarm bells should have went off - Hurricane, not moving on gate, engaging 8 BC's.  Regional gate to boot! :(

Suffice it to say he was the perfect bait for us.  We were harby heavy, so he was able to burn out of harms way very fast.  We soon realized almost completely too late that this was bad news as the gate is flashing like a lightening bug and we have a bunch of neuts pouring in. 

We were definatly not prepared for this tarp and it showed in the FC's orders.  Three quick orders which all contradicted each one.  Most of us had stayed aligned (which was the best order he gave) and were able to get out as soon as the larger gang dropped in.  This is where the title comes in.  I think, if we were more mentally prepared for the drop, we could have done decent against the gang.  Soon as the FC's orders were confused and not focused, I warped out as the gang was spreading points.  Was this a hasty decision?

I think we only lost 1 or 2 people, while everyone else was able to get out.  I felt bad for making my own decision to get out but others did also.  The primary was 40k off from most of the gang because the gate was so huge.  No new primaries called and basically mass chaos.  I think I made the right choice because I lived along with many others.  I need to FC so that I know how it feels to lead and be run over so I can make these choices easier for myself.

*edit*  The FC doesn't suck.  The situation sucked.  I wasn't trying to rag on him or anything, we all have bad fights from time to time :)