Saturday, May 8, 2010


As much as I have loved low sec lately, last night was a let down.  Roughly a 32 jump trip yet only bagged a catalyst.  A big factor in having such a slow night deals with our own numbers on the roam.  I am thinking people went partying instead of roaming ;)

With only 6 in a BC gang, there is not much we will be able to face if the numbers or ship types aren't matching up.  We had a bail on such a coushy gang we ran in to because the odds were against us.  *dreams of Navy Mega's exploding*

I need to skill faster too.  Missed out on what sounded like a fun gang last night after our roam.  Arbitrators of doom!  Playing catch up in skills stinks but I am doing this the right way and being highly skilled when I enter into new ships.  Now if I could only miraculously obtain billions of isk then I could PvP to my delight.  Donations are accepted!