Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Go Vote ya ninnies!

CSM5 voting has been opened.  If you haven't noticed I am supporting Mynxee (look over there --->).  There are a lot of great candidates vying for a position this year.  I find it interesting the differences in approach to CSM.  There are a fair number of candidates who seem to not take it near as serious as others.  Some are very professional about their platform while others take more of a nonchalant stance.

As I was writing this, Manasi posted a link that I thought was incredibly awesome.  Head over to if you are having trouble finding a candidate to vote for.

Can't wait to see the results and I am sure Mynxee will be among CSM5's new members.


I have had a hard time figuring out what to train my mission alt in to.  I had trained him as a Caldari pilot for a long time but was just not impressed when I first stepped in to a Raven.  I think it was just my play style at the time that didn't let me give it a Chance.  He is not very far from getting into a properly fit CNR, it is just his bank account holding him back. 

When I was heartbroken at my performance in a Raven, I had switched to training for a Dominix.  The dual LAR setup was a beast for tanking any situation.  The only thing lacking was the damage.  I then started him on the path to get T2 Sentry Drones.  He's now 4 days away from finishing this training which will definitely boost his damage.  I also have a few days more training to get his gun support skills up as I have switched to a single rep, 350mm railgun toting gankinix.  The tank has been punished but the dps has dang near doubled since my dual LAR setup.

Now, since his drone training will be done soon, I have gotten the itch to finish his Raven skills as I have figured out I can get the same tank with more dps using the CNR instead of my Dominix.  Yes I know, long time to have me realize this as everyone on the forums has been swearing by Ravens.  I just need to increase my funds as I am a poor capsuleer for sure.

Enough of that carebear crap, I need to pop some fools.  I've been busy outside of EvE and have not been able to roam for coming up on a week now.  Good news is that my last masters class is tonight!  WOOT!