Monday, May 3, 2010

Quick 'n Easy "Die Less" Information

In my last post I did a quick rundown of how I got popped due to my own stupidity.  In an effort to curb that again, here are a few links that should help me be less of a 'tard.  Some of this I already knew but definately need to get into a better routine with.

D-Scan Guide at a merry life and a short one
FC a small gang at EVE Newb (funny look at being an FC, a must read!)
Aggressive Tendencies usually has some good write-ups about roams and what not.  Should be able to get some ideas about PVP from his posts.

We'll see if I end up pulling more nubness to make the corp think twice about accepting me at the end of the trial period.  Pretty sure this last mistake won't happen again. (Famous last words eh? :))