Friday, May 21, 2010

Dastardly Drake

Popped a Hurricane
My Harby goes pop
Drake Popped by corp mate

I was out in my 'sader about to set up some more pounces when I find a Harbinger on gate - I jump through - he has a buddy in a Harpy on the other side.  I get a corp mate to come and play while I hurry home to jump into my Harbinger.  The neut Harbinger bailed to high-sec but his friend wanted to play a little in his Harpy.  Suffice to say, we only melted his shields before he ran to high-sec.  We were on each side of a gate and he burned out of my Drake partners disruptor range after I had a few pop shots at him on one side.

We soon found a Hurricane in a nearby system just chilling in a belt.  My corpmate went in for the tackle and scored big.  I land, with no shields (damn sentry guns) and the 'cane quickly switches to me as primary.  He had smartbombs fit and my partner lost his drones but somehow mine survived.  As soon as we are scooping loot a Drake lands right on top of us.  I was at about 85% armor at this point.

I start burning toward a planet as I figured I would be primaried.  I did not time it right to warp out and come back in at range and was stuck in the fight.  Right as we burn through his tank, I am sitting at about 10% armor.  At this point, in my excitement, I burned out my guns!  I end up popping with the drake about 50% structure!!!

I think I would have survived if I did not burn out my guns nor have rat aggro (3% damage on the KM, hah!).

I think the Drake is an overlooked powerhouse.  In HAM range, they are fairly beast and his tank, with only one BCU, was enough to take on a Drake and a Harby's DPS long enough to pop me.  It almost makes me want to train into one but that's a long train.  I'll stick with my lasers for now.