Saturday, May 15, 2010

Do a little dance. Shoot a little laser. Pop a Wyvern tonight!

I am just cruisin' through missions, reading a book, and just taking it easy.  I decide to catch up on my blinky channels and notice some suh-weet news.  "Wyvern tackled in Tama!".  After I freak out, I am killing that instance of EvE and loading Nar Lee.  I jump up a few channels to get in the channel with the gang that made the announcement.  They are all currently attacking the Wyvern and blowing their minds.

Since it was in Tama there was no way this would stay quiet.  When they first started in on it there were only 30 in system.  I quickly hop in my Armageddon and start to make the 8 jumps to Tama.  Every jump made me feel like I was going to die.  By the time I reached Tama the situation was out of control.  200+ people were in system and being very pirate like.  The gang I was in had to warp off Wyvern because they were starting to get too much heat from the local FW gangs.

We met up at the station and decided that while the Wyvern's tank was getting widdled away we would make the best of it and pop targets of opportunity.  We would warp in on a tackled target, pop it, and warp out.  The FW gangs did not want anyone else around it seemed so this was our best option since we no longer had to tackle the Wyvern or really help with the DPS.  This may sound like kill mail whoring but it's low sec....everyone in that system wanted to be on that kill mail! :)

Our cloaky tackler was doing awesome.  The kill mails are a little crazy so here are the kills I was on as I was late to the party:


I did not get on the Wyvern killmail unfortunately.  We had warped out and on my way back to whore the mail it popped when I landed :(  Next time I'll be sure to have my kill mail whoring skills up to par!

Good times were had by all!

I think that the Wyvern was a GM Event of some sort.  I had no clue those happened in EvE but I should have known since it IS a MMO.  I need to look up information about these things because it seems interesting.  When I get around to it and if I find enough information I'll make a post explaining it.